Why do you carry?


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Do you carry because of a specific experience that you had?
Do you carry just because it's legal?
Do you carry because it's cool?
Do you carry to protect yourself and your family?

Why do you carry?



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Because I can

Because I have the right to

Because the world is not a safe place and it does me no good sitting at home


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Watch or read the News.......................

Car Jackings, Assults, and generals lack of respect for other peoples stuff & property.

I WILL NEVER Regret carring, even if I never need it.



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Because I dont want to be just another Sheeple and think that the evils of the world can not touch me because I am inviniclbe to the corruption around me.


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have you ever seen an armed slave? i never have. that how big govt wants you, gun naked...even the great gladiators were disarmed after their performance.

and I can...:smiley-face-popcorn


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I have carried for over 24 yrs. Fortunately have not had to use it in self defence, but on the flip side most know that just about all country folks carry.


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Becuase hopefully i'll never have to use it but i'll sure as heck be glad if that day comes be glad to be headed home alive. I find myself more vigilant of my surrounding since begining to carry & do my best to stay out of the worng places. One time while grapping fast food on the way back from sons football game stopped on wrong side of a town because son was famished. While waiting in line of drive thru i noticed thugs hanging out on other side of parking lot & once the saw me, one guy made B line for us. His no mistaking it he was armed & coming to do harm. My eyes never left him as i quickly pull gun from center council and held against door not showing it. My position as i sat and my ready to rock angry face must have given him a clue he was not facing a eazy target. 15 yards out he made a 180 and headed back. Closest i've come to using it.


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Although nothing actually happened, I guess last night was a good example. We were just leaving the dealership after getting the wife a new ride when a car pulled up. This was well after the dealership was closed. A guy got out who looked like he was either a junkie or straight out of the nuthouse. As he walked toward us, he was unbuttoning his shirt as if to get something from underneath it. His entire demeanor and body language was very creepy. I am thankful that I didn't need it but the pistol on my hip and the time spent practicing with it sure were comforting.


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My wife doesn't like guns. She's going for her concealed carry this weekend. This was something she decided to do on her own. I am 100% behind her on this. Because I certainly don't want to be in front of her with a gun in her hands.


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I carry because every few days you see where someone goes into a church, theater, mall, fast food place, etc, etc, etc. and starts shooting. I've never been in such a situation and most likely never will be. But I train, practice and carry to be ready if it does ever happen.


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Im going through the process, more for my job than anything. As a male i have a heightened rate of victimization, as a young man i have another strike, but beingvwhite mitigates it a little statistically. But i work mobiley and carry, at times, semi large amounts of $ in bad areas. I'm more likely to walk in on a robbery, etc than to be targeted for one though.

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