Repeal ALL 'Gun Control', Including Licensing of CCW


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Since Parkland, the mainstream conversation has been about nothing more than the revocation of your basic right to self defense. What the media ignores, however, is the fact that the right to bear arms has already been trampled on enough. It's time for the pro-gun crew to stop defending the status quo. We should be outraged that there are ANY gun laws.

To start, the right to bear arms is a fundamental individual right. No, I am not saying you have the right to initiate violence against another person with a firearm, but I am saying you have every right to own a firearm and the right to use it in self defense. Regarding ownership, what you own, manufacture, sell, or purchase is none of the government's business. Whereas you own yourself, you have the right to your property, and no entity can stop that.

So what if a gun can be used to kill someone. You can kill someone with pretty much everything. The United Kingdom has taken the prohibitionist route to its logical conclusion. They're now banning knives because people switched to stabbing after the UK took all the guns. Fortunately, there's an estimated 500 million private arms in America, so the government will never succeed in taking our guns. After banning knives, the UK may have to resort to banning rocks, acid, and maybe even hands if people start resorting to beating people to death. You can't regulate the people into safety or prosperity.

The fact that people claim that you don't have the right to self defense is horrific. If an individual chooses to attempt to violate your rights, whether it be rape, murder, assault, theft, et al, you have the right to initiate in defense to secure your safety. Defense is not aggression. By violating an individual's rights, an assailant thereby forfeits their right not to be acted against until the threat has been neutralized. If a gun is your means of self defense, you have that right.

Any state that does not allow you to stand your ground in all situations of self defense is violating your rights. Duty to Retreat is doing nothing more than protecting criminals and villifying the victims of violent crime. Castle Doctrine, meaning you can defend yourself in your home, is watering down your rights. If someone is violating your rights, you have the right to defend yourself, though reciprocity in force is needed.

Government age limits, magazine capacity limits, mandatory background checks, gun free zones, and rate of fire limits are also violations of your rights that have been signed into "law." If you make the conscious decision to buy a gun, you have the right to buy a gun so long as you find a consenting seller. The government has no right to tell you how large of a magazine you can purchase either. If you want a 100-round magazine, it is your right to buy one. The government also has no right to tell you where you can and cannot have a gun. More than 90% of shootings happen in gun free zones. The only acceptable gun free zone is on private property. Otherwise, carry wherever you please. This applies to felons as well. Once you serve your sentence, the State has no right to further violate your rights. If someone chooses not to sell to you due to your criminal history, that's their call. But the government has no right to stop you from having a firearm.

Also, we need to repeal the National Firearms Act. You should not need a license/go through a background check and waiting period to get an automatic weapon. You have every right to this type of firearm. Any restriction on the right to bear arms is an infringement. It is disarming the population.

One example of 'gun control' 2nd Amendment advocates tend to support is concealed carry licensing. In the 1800s, various states banned concealed carry of a firearm, claiming only criminals need to concealed carry. In the mid-late 20th century, states started issuing licenses for individuals to concealed carry. This is still a dangerous infringement. Licensing is merely the government revoking your rights and selling them back to you.

Whether or not the State gives you permission, you have every right to concealed carry, or open carry if you so choose. States that allow for constitutional carry truly understand the Second Amendment. Concealed Carry licensing is just a convenient way to register all the people who likely own guns. It is a means of bolstering the surveillance state.

In other words, all gun laws are violations of your fundamental right to self defense. You should not need a license to concealed carry. The government should have no say over who has the right to bear arms. Your rights precede government. They cannot take your rights away.

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