In defense of the Blackhawk Serpa holster


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What is it?
A mold injected hard plastic retention holster.

- Very affordable
- Strong (I weigh well over 220 lbs and a guy once basically lifted me up by my gun trying to take it out of my holster during a class)
- Comfortable and well fitting
- Light
- Holster angle can be changed via some tough screws forward backward or straight. I trie both forward and straight (shown)
- Very affordable (under 30 bucks)
- Positive retention
- Quick to draw despite the positive retention

Its been issued to many military units during the GWOT.

Any Cons?
Well there:

- The knock on them is that when you draw your gun you actuate the release with your trigger finger very close to were it can slide inside the trigger guard as you pull out the Pistol.
So it is possible that your trigger finger could slip right inside the guard during a phase of unholstering it when the gun would be pointing at your thigh/hip area.
some folks have shot themselves this way.

I am not arrogant to think safety issues could never happen to me.. Murphy's Law is strong.
Many shooting trainers now disallow these holsters for students.

I think this is an overreaction.

These same trainers allow friction based holsters with w/o any positive retention.. this is a proven safety issue even though its fashionable right now.
These same schoolhouses allow handgun w/o any external safety which is also a proven safety issue regardless of which holster you carry.
But the "cool guys" are all about that fast draw...

But citizen concealed carry does not have the immunities of Police and military.
When we get even an AD that hits no one it could still be a felony!
So external safety is important.

And when you have an external safety the "risky" Serpa is not risky at all anymore since by the time that safety comes off your guns angle is well past pointing at yourself.

I also own a non extrenal safety handgun..
With that one I do not practice quickdraws with live rounds... Just to be prudent.

One last talking point.. remember that FBI agent a year ago or so who had his gun fall out of his holster while dancing at a club.. and then picked it up and it went off and hit some lady?

That would have never happened if he had either Serpa or an external safetied handgun ( both of which are supposed to be uncool now)


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PS: The PROS are so overwhelming, the one "issue" that despite it being banned at some classes it is still my primary open carry holster for my fullsize Handgun.. and i have 2 of them because I think they are so good.


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IMI Defense makes a similar holster to the Sherpa but I am not aware of any negative issues with it that the Sherpa seems to have.


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