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Joined based on a recommendation from Shaggy on another site. I'm from SW PA and I've been hunting since I was 12, shooting since I could hold a firearm. Here is what I currently have in the ole' armory.
  1. Marlin .30-.30
  2. Mossberg 500 (Both barrells - Slug and Bird)
  3. Ruger .243 win
  4. Kahr P9
  5. S&W Sigma 9mm

Probably going to be it for awhile, had a 7MM that I got rid of recently as well as a Remington 870. Both great guns simply didn't have a need for them. Now if I get the chance to go out west and do some real trophy hunting...then it'll be time to upgrade!


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Welcome to the forum :D I would love to eventually get a 30-30 myself how does it handle?

Great, it was my first rifle when I started hunting and honestly didn't switch to the .243 until last year. It's been a great rifle and I really have no complaints. I feel dangerous with it in my hands. Not a powerhouse as rifles go but it always got the job done in my case. I would recommend it...assuming it packs enough for what you're looking for.

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