Today was handgun Day for me


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Shot 450 rounds of handgun Ammo today at a buddy's quality range.

50 rds thru my 357 Magnum GP100 3 inch
200 rds through my Taurus PT 111 Millenium G2
200 rds through my S&W M&P 9.

I have taken the Smith through a couple of formal handgun courses lately and it showed.
Was able to do my most accurate shooting with it.

Even though the Revolver has more accuracy potential.
One problem with the GP 100 (and least w/ this front sight) is that when you align the sights properly at 7-10 yards (normal hand gun engagement distances) you will shoot low by 4 inches!

The front sight post is way too tall.
Since I was shooting at 12 yards the difference was likely even higher.
Some of the targets were only 4 inch plates so aiming at the middles and the round going 4-6 inches no is no good.
So I had to train myself to shoot with the feront sight post significantly above the line formed by the rear sight.

As much I love GP100s but if memory serves they all have too high a front SP.
It slows me down and make me miss on occasion.

Might need to file off about half the height of the FSP.

Otherwise a great day though.
The taurus ran great and it seemed I would never miss with the Smith ( ok rarely)..
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