Just did my 3rd training day this week


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Just did my 3rd training day this week. at a buddies farm range.

Tuesday: 400 rds of .223/5.56 working Carbine a mix of some light updrills at 50m target with some more deliberate fire at 200m target. (Wolf Military Classic 62gr FMJ thru a BCM 16 inch w/ light barrel)

Thursday: 450 rds (mostly Tula 9mm out of M&P9 and a much smaller number of S&B .357 Magnum out of GP100) working handguns, mostly at 10-15 yards.

Today : 300 rds working Carbine..(.223 Golden Tiger the early batch from last summer with the hard primers). Started out good working my reloads from the rig etc.. but by the end when it had gotten so hot (and I was shooting in the sun) I wasn't doing real drills anymore but just plinking... especially as my eyepro was becoming an very bigger distraction with me sweating onto it..
That was my sign to clean up my casings and go home.

All in all a bit of a "surge" week in training though.

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