Great day at the range!


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Last week had a rough day at the range:

It was steaming hot.
My sweaty hands weakened my grip and kept slipping
on my M&P9...+ my googles kept fogging up.

On top of that the range I was at is fairly poorly lit which worsens my far sightedness so I had trouble seeing the FSP clearly.
( I dont wear glasses on the range, "tran as you fight" right? as I dont wear glasses in "real" life either as my distance vision is 20/20)

at 10 yard my group per magazine of 17 rds was maybe 6 inches big or more.
Not good.
Only at the end with some squinting and wiping my hands dry and going slow was I able to lower the group to a more respectable 4 inches.

Still not a fun day..
I even had a failure to eject, sigh..

Packed it up after 150 rds of 9mm in disgust.

But today had a great day!

Was shooting my Taurua PT111 G2 millenium.
Even though its a compact gun (some even call it subcompact but I dont agree with that since its a double stacked mag)

At 7 yards my groups were about 3 inches when going deliberate fire. And complete some mags (its a 12+1) were even 2.5 inch groups if I disregard a couple flyers.

Quick shooting (1 rd per second) was about 6 inch group if I include the flyers or 5 inch w/ 2 flyers subtracted per 12 rd mag.

Felt good and in control.

Even though a compact gun is hard to grip it worked out great.
Went through 250 boxed rounds too..(plus 3 pre loaded mags)... which is good I been meaning to get a good workout with my concealed piece for a while now..

Now to go for a ruckmarch..tonite... noticed my weight's been creeping back up..
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PS: Also the shape of my groups was good... slim ovals.
So my left to right "size" was only 1 to 2 inches in all cases.
As human torsos and human heads are much more oval than square I am quite happy with the group shape!


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I have the PT140 that I haven't even fired yet. Need to take it out back to the dirt pile and run some rounds through it.


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I have the PT140 that I haven't even fired yet. Need to take it out back to the dirt pile and run some rounds through it.

Right now I am in a training surge as I have extra time being that I am in between assignments until September.

And I am sitting on a small mountain of Ammo that I purchased prior to the election.

The combination of lots of time + lots of ammo is a good one and I am hopeful my general skill set will be higher coming out of this summer.


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Tomorrow I secured a nice farm range all for myself all day.

I expect to go through 500 rounds of 223 steel case and 500 rds of 9mm steel to continue my training surge


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Yesterday shot 120 rounds of brass thru my new trainer w/ the Ruger upper
Got a stuck case.
First stuck case i ever had in many years and many many rounds of shooting.
Was kinda weird to me especially since it was quality brass.

Shot it today w/ steel got 2 stuck cases. hards stuck too .. bent my cleaning rod when I tried to push them out.
This was with Golden Tiger Ammo which I have gone thru 3-4 cases now in 3 different other rifles (Troy, Sig516, BCM) with no stuck cases.
Something is not right with this guns chamber...

Did Kroil on the chamber right after first stuck case today.
Todays stuck case was really an alarmbell for me since the one yesterday could be explained away as a fluke..
But even after Kroil ing the chamber.. 3 and ahalf mags later down the course another stuck case.. thats when I packed the carbine up for the day (after extracting again with a buddy professional rod that didnt bend ... even with his hammer and the barrel in a vise it took several hits to get out the case)
Gun was down HARD in a firefight I would have been a goner.
Something like this Has Never happened to me before despite shooting approx 35,000 rds thru various ARs of varios pedidgree almost alway with economy ammo over past 5 yrs.

3 times in 2 days same gun? = Gun bad


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Seller took the gun back today.
I liked the deal and rifle but I do not have the time to arrange for gunsmith to re ream the chamber (no telling what the results may be anyway)

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