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High Noon Holsters

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If anyone has questions about our products, we are here to help. We have a number of people qualified who will be answering. You will be seeing some different names besides mine. Its who ever gets it first , so you do not have to wait so long for an answer.

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That's cool ,,, hahahaha oops can't say that hahaha ! Great idea , Big thanks to the vendors and the weapons forum for doing this ..:High 5:


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I might be good for 20 posts, or so. 50 meaningful way. But, it's good to know about another source of good info and a place to spout off about the sorts of interests that we have in common.


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High Noon is simply the best quality, period.

I started buying High Noon Holsters and belts years ago. I have still not found better quality anywhere since. They are actually on me right now.


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