Teen Kills Would Be Teen Intruder


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Sadly it was another 16yo teen. But, that's wtf happens when you do drugs and have a stupid trip. Been a couple of drunks even shot to death in OK. They were so damn drunk they coming home to the wrong house like a few doors down, or 1 street over of their own. Now that's pretty damn drunk. Of course, could have been mixture too. My bro did it. Luckily my mom's neighbors knew him as the neighborhood drunk and called my mother at 4am to come over and get his 40yo drunk ass.

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Good job mom.... sad but like hotrod said he was 16 but screwed up on drugs and I'm sure other issues. Hats off to the young man who saved his mother from a criminal that could have killed her......

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The family had the right to protect themselves..I don't care who's busting thru that door..I'd shoot them too. So what's the problem with people who can't understand this.


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And they my be yelling police, police as they are kicking down your door. Home invaders in Florida were using this MO. If the shout out alcohol tobacco and firearms, I will tell them I already have some.
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