Stratfor and Jane’s Assessed Russian Army in XXI Century


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Stratfor and Jane’s Assessed Russian Army in XXI Century

"The Russian armed forces approved themselves in a quite meaningful way in the two recent local conflicts where they took part or even keep on attending. However, what would Russian Army look like if facing a match enemy that uses not primitive Soviet popguns but newest missile systems against her MiGs? That was a subject of the discussion held by Mil.Today with the military analyst at the Stratfor private intelligence and consulting company, the editor of the global leading military magazine Jane’s Defence Weekly, and an independent Russian military expert specialized in aircraft technology".

The War Wagon

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With any luck, Odoofus will figure out how to further antagonize Putin these last 11 mos., and we'll FIND out just how well they do against top-of-the-line missile defense systems! :rolleyes::facepalm:


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Oh I am so sorry we hurt your feelings Mr. Putin , how much money will it take to make you happy. Scum bag potus.

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