Russian Army’s Top 10 Curiosities


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Look. it`s a funny article about Russian army

Russia has one of the world’s strongest armies. Some are afraid of it, others respect, but those who serve in the Russian army often speak about it ironically. Indeed, military service is always full of curiosities, strange events and situations. Russians even have a proverb: "Those who served in the army won’t laugh at the circus". Mil.Today has selected 10 strangest stories happened in the Russian army this year.

Russian Army’s Top 10 Curiosities


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I have looked a little and I cannot see anything that looks safe to access online. There are a few sites that SEEMS to have the information, but I would be VERY careful accessing some of these sites as I have seen several red flags that make me weary to suggest them at all.

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I'm more into the curiosity that IS, the HOT Russian army babe. :chewie:






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