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The charlatan shiiteheel's attack on 12 officers, murdering five of them, is being WELL-rewarded in the afterlife - now & eternally. :flamingdevil:

Nonetheless, J.W. Rawles has an interesting observation on the matter, in today's "Survivalblog" forum (and if you DON'T read this daily, you SHOULD).

To wit:

Notes for Sunday – July 10, 2016

Well-Trained: Yes; Assault Rifle: No.

By James Wesley Rawles | July 10, 2016 | | |
The “multiple snipers” story quickly faded, and now we are told that the “the lone shooter in this incident,” in Dallas, Texas, was one Micah X. Johnson. Predictably, he was described as a “quiet loner”. We were also informed that he was a former Army Reserve Engineers Corps PFC and veteran of one deployment to Afghanistan. And the initial reports of him being armed with “an AR-15 type rifle” quietly changed to “an SKS semi-automatic.

So if the revised narrative is correct, then this one intensely motivated individual got hits on 12 police officers, killing five of them. He was armed with an obsolete SKS rifle. That is a late-1940s Soviet design that shoots the intermediate power 7.62×39 cartridge. Ballistically, that rimless round is nearly identical to the venerable rimmed .30-30. The SKS design uses 10 round top-loading stripper clips, rather than detachable magazines. (Although some of these rifles here in the States have been converted to use a detachable magazine. Some of them have also been retrofitted with scopes. It remains to be seen what configuration his rifle particular was in.)

So if Johnson was indeed the only shooter, then it is safe to conclude that he must have drilled himself for many hours on how to quickly reload that old clunker of a rifle and how to shoot it accurately. This recent history adds credence to the old maxim that it is the training and motivation of the man behind the rifle, rather than the rifle itself, that creates combat effectiveness. And, for anyone who ever hopes to institute a police state in this nation, Johnson’s 12-to-1 casualty ratio does not bode well. Fully disarming a nation with around 370 million privately-owned guns and close to 20 million military veterans is about as simple as squeezing toothpaste back into the tube. Civilian disarmament is a laughably unobtainable statist fantasy.

The mainstream media and the leftists in Congress will undoubtedly start raving about banning “assault weapons”. (Even though the SKS isn’t one. Don’t try to confuse them with the facts.) And since Johnson wore body armor, they will probably want to ban that, too. Please be vigilant and remind your consgresscritters that Johnson was armed with an obsolete SKS, not an AR. The SKS is legal to own even in gun-grabbing California!

In closing, to briefly don my seldom-worn tinfoil hat, I will remind my readers that this event was just a few blocks away from Dealey Plaza, where in 1963 a military veteran “lone gunman” (we were told) used an even more obsolete rifle to make some miraculous shots that killed an American president and wounded Governor Connally. Perhaps there is something about the air in downtown Dallas that inspires crazed gunmen to fantastic accuracy and cold precision under pressure. – JWR

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