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Everyone wanted to try this one, I have since found it a new home but it was fun.


Kel-Tec KSG 12G bullpups for those wondering.

You didn't like it? Noticed from friends at the range lots of jams. Turned me right off! :thumbsdown:

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You didn't like it? Noticed from friends at the range lots of jams. Turned me right off! :thumbsdown:

I'm tall with really long arms, while pumping it I would often elbow my self. That along with the chance to make a couple hundred more than I had in it is why I decided to part ways.


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Saiga 12 in the middle (don't have any pics of it solo).


Gonna do a conversion and a quad rail when I'm done with the AR I'm building now.


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Not diggin the green, but that thing is sick!

Thanks! The customer wanted metallic green... we gave it to him lol:chewie:

It was an all out build: in house made custom charging handle, selector lever, trigger guard and ambi mag release. We reworked the gas system, HK weld on sights, honed and polished just about everything internally, mill work on the bolt... you name it.


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Some nice looking shotguns.

Here is my humble NEF Pardner single shot 20 gauge. I picked it up, used, for $70 at a pawn shop a few months ago. It was in great condition, shoots and functions good and is light weight and only 41" long.




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No pictures because I am too lazy to go downstairs into the gun room, pull the guns out and take pictures. Everyone knows what they look like anyways.

Benelli M4
Saiga 12 (Not converted)

Both stock.


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Some of you have some pretty Tacticool shotguns.
I'm old fashioned,and like the ole double barrel stagecoach gun for a home defense gun.


And a few hunting ones.
1.Remington 870 TB 1976 vintage
2.Browning BPS w/2 barrels and hardcase 1981 vintage
3. Remington Autoloader pre model 11 1906 vintage Refinished/Parkerized
4. Stevens 520 (Montgomery Wards-Westernfield) 1920's-1930's vintage all original with factory Poly Choke.


The BPS was acquired from an estate sell several years ago,and is unfired.I bought it for an investment gun,they don't make'em as nice today.The wood on this gun is outstanding.


My favorite is the 1906 Remington Autoloader (Browning A5),it was in pretty rough shape when I got it,and was pitted bad enough that we bead blasted the metal and then parkerized it.The original wood was in excellent cond,and refinished,but to protect it,I modified a set of composite A5 furniture to fit it.
Now I have a 106 year old tactical semi-auto shotgun,LOL!


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Txhillbilly, that remington autoloader looks awesome. I know a guy who skeet shoots with one of those and absolutely loves it


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All these shotgun pics are awesome, a world of fire power on one page.


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