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Any thoughts on the 1911 enhanced from S&W. I'm reading that some gun grues think the price of guns and ammo will star going down with the obama administration failure. Pistol with light rail $1059.


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Haven't shot a S&W 1911 but I have fondled several of them. Look and feel like a very good quality 1911. The gun rags seem to like them as well. Looks like a nicely done 1911 for the money.

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I've got a stainless S&W 1911, but hop to get an enhanced next.

I like the Smith, because my first autopistol 25 years ago, was a 1006, which I wish I STILL had. The 1911 is even better ergonomically - beveled in all the right places for snag-free carry, and easy-gripping. I'm hoping the enhanced has MORE of the same.


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Now I would not mind a Colt 1911, and I am looking at getting another one, the military model is nice, but .45 is not cheap. I have been looking at a slightly smaller round, like the 9mm or possibly .40, but have not decided just yet. So far I love my 1911, my very first weapon, and refuse to get rid of it!!

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