Ran my PT111 G2 in a carry clinic last weekend


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So I went to a carry clinic last weekend.
Decided to run it with a realistic carry gun.

For pure shooting pleasure of course my full size M&P9 would be a great choice , or one of my .357 Magnum revolvers. And most attendees seems to think that way as maybe 75% of shooters were running full size handguns.

But I wanted to get maximum benefit from the class not have an easier time showing up the other students.
So I ran it with my compact, the PT111 g2 my (only) realistic conceal carry gun.

Ran it with a new holster i had never worn before.. Again this was for learning an Alien wear that molded perfect to my taurus

Gun performed well IMO.
On very first drill the one were you shoot the "A" square with multiple single aimed shots, I had the very tightest group of the entire class (or 12 folks)
On the B square which featured controlled pairs I had maybe the 3rd or 4th so best in the group.
Why the difference?
A compact gun is harder to shoot with follow up shoots than a full size which is what most others were running.
Also the only weakness of the pistol the long trigger pull sometimes makes my 2nd shot dip down just atad as does a grip that is never going to be as good as on a full size.
when we went to strings I dropped out to maybe number 5 or so out of 12 for what I believe to be the reasons just listed.
But this really means the gun did real well and the only weaknesses it has (except the long trigger pull) it shares with all compacts.

I might have had a failure to lock back slide 2 times BUT I think this may more likely have also been my grip interfering with the slide action as I was trying to control my follow ups w/ a higher grip.. also when we did the single shot reload exercises the slide locked back every time, so no problems there.

Loved the gun for this and was able to beat most other attendees with this compact even though they were usually running full size Pistols.

The very good stippling is perfect for pulling the gun quickly out of the holster and establishing a grip.
With the real fast pulls I did not always get a perfect schoolhouse grip on it.. but i dont think neither did most other folks on theirs even when they were running full sizers.
Except for two guys who shot real nice strings (out of full size guns).

In summary I feel the gun did real well and showed itself to be a fine tool in my toolbox and one could not really tell a diff in its performance from the more expensive handguns in the course.


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I've heard that the G2's were a lot of gun for the money. They've been getting good reviews for some time.

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