Photo's from an exhibition in Israel


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You can see the new Negev NG-7 Machine gun with the 7.62mm caliber.
In the back you can see the Tavor X-95R and another X-95 flattop rifles.
Both are a product of Israeli Weapons Industry - IWI.

[/url]IMG_4333[1] by Israel Defense, on Flickr[/IMG]

[/url]IMG_4332[1] by Israel Defense, on Flickr[/IMG]
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When it absolutely, POSITIVELY, requires an M-60 to get the job DONE! :favorites37:


The contracts for these oughta put an END to the FN M -249! :chewie:


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The problem with the M-60 and the M-240 ( or the original Belgian MAG) is the weight.
A tired soldier scores less terrorists.


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That would be true , so we can put women in the field to help carry extra ammo and barrels. Kakadu I know you guys have had them for years but we are just now putting women in combat roles. Reluctantly from a fathers stand point.

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