Kimber Costom II 45 ACP,& Ruger SR 1911 45 Auto.


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I just bought these two 1911's in the last two months.I haven't been to the range yet to fire them. I was just wondering what opinions do you forum members have of these two 1911's? I would love hear from you all.Thanks!!!


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I own a couple of Kimbers - no complaints. :waytogo:

The early Rugers had a lotta problems (blued finish flaking off - MiM safeties breaking off, etc.), that seem to have been corrected. I have fondled a Ruger 1911, and really, REALLY like the feel of it... but I'm still waiting for more reports, before I get one.


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The top one looks a lot like my Springfield 1911, but mine is the military model and is flat black. My only issue with my 1911 was when I go it the recoil spring was so abused that both ends of it were flat. IF I had to say anything about the weapons it would probably be what kind of spring do you have in there. I had a 16 and went to an 18 and in the end, although a little more pain in the ass to put together after cleaning, it actually feels like a completely different weapon and I could not be happier.

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