High point 380 Vs Ruger SR9


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Is this a real question? Which is better High Point 380 or Ruger SR9? IMO, anything High Point is junk. But that's just my opinion, and that's based on what I've been told and some pics I've seen of some High Point's damage, granted it was higher caliber, but I know they're not one of the quality firearms.

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The ruger SR9 is a good gun i had one in the past and it was an accurate easy to conceal handgun, the only HI POINT i like is the carbine in 9mm. I have one
while i wait for my lone wolf distributer glock one to come in its been on backorder for 6 plus months.......Concealed27


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yeah there only like between 130 and 150 depending where you go. my friend sent on bavk to hi point to get some work done and they have a lifetime warrenty so they completly field striped it and replaced any outdated parts for free and sifhted in his scope. excellent customer service as far as the hand guns go i think they are throw away guns if u get my drift....LOL


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Always enough time to do it right the second time. Quality control is where most lower priced guns lose it. Shipping gets to be a pain.


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No comparison. I have shot Ruger pistols and a High Point. Rugers are definitely better guns and 9mm is better than 380. It is also cheaper and would pretty quickly save you the difference in price between the guns. If these were my choices, I would by the Ruger in a heartbeat.


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I thought this was a trick question. But based just on each manufactures reputation, I'd have to go with the Ruger. And have....Ruger P85, 10/22, 22/45 Lite, Mini-14 and I'm looking for a PC9 carbine.

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