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hellò everybody, I need some help: when my grandfather died, I've found in his home quite a lot of ammos cal 22 long winchester, NO WEAPON! so for some times I just kept them in a draw, now they 're getting old and I would like to shoot 'em, the problem is that I don't have the proper gun cal 22, I only get a piece of barrel cal. 5.5 mm. while the 22 are 5.6... and here comes the point: what do you think about? will I blow my hand? or just destroy the barrel? many thanks for any advice. bye gianfrom


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Either get the right gun to shoot them out of or give the ammo to someone who has the proper gun. If you know someone who has a .22 maybe you can both go and take turns shooting. .22 long rifle guns are available in either pistol or rifle and they aren't that expensive. Maybe it's time to get one for yourself.

Do not under any circumstances try to fire them out of a makeshift contraption.

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