1911 Springfield hand gun


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The 1911 I have jams after the first 100 or so rounds go through it. I believe it is because of the damage to the return spring. One end of it is damaged and I think that is the fault point. I just need to get off my duff and look for a replacement spring and order it.

Try getting one directly from Colt.
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After 100 rounds of 230 grain 45 acp you might be limp wresting. That would cause a fail to extract. Wolff springs are great people to deal with.


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The nice thing about 1911's is that once you identify what the problem part is, you have about 100 different options to choose from to replace it. Having a good smith is invaluable, too.

That's right - take it to a good gunsmith.


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Got a brand new Mil. spec. springfield.

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