We've lost another American Soldier to PTSD


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I received sad news last night. One of my long time friend's son who had served 2 tours in Iraq came home with severe PTSD a few years ago. He's struggled hard with it. He accepted treatment and even reached out to help others struggling with PTSD. He went through Service Dog training and also had a service dog of his own. Also married not long ago. Even with all the treatment he lost his battle to PTSD Monday night.

I feel lots of sorrow for my friend and his brother who is also a friend. A father and Uncle have lost a loved one, who both of them too were military too. This son/nephew was following in dad and Uncle's footsteps by signing up to defend and fight for this country.

What I feel more than sorrow is anger. While Monday night football is making a spectacle of our USA flag and National Anthem while disrespecting our servicemen and women, an American Soldier is ending his life and Logan is probably not the only one.



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Sorry for your loss. You, I and many others have had their fill of so called athletes expressing their opinions. This falls under "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" or find another avenue to express those opinions. The sad truth is that many of them couldn't tell you why they kneel during the National Anthem. Ticket sales are down and people are burning their NFL memorabilia. Sponsors are pulling advertising. I hope they show up to an empty stadium.


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It's going deeper than boycotting the NFL. One of my die hard Ford buddies who we all give shit to all the time because the rest of us are Chevrolet or GM fans, he's bad mouthing Ford because they are sponsors of the NFL and he claims he'll never buy another Ford as long as he lives if they don't drop their sponsorship next to immediately. I bought Pepsi the other night and noticed NFL and Football logos all over the carton. I think I'll quit Pepsi for awhile.


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Sorry to hear :(

Your point is well taken/ I will have to remember avoiding pepsi products

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