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The latest Chinese Stealth Fighter..wonder how much of the technology was stolen from the West??


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Lockheed A-12, 60-6924 is the prototype A-12


Lockheed SR-71A, 61-7973


And the cool part is they are parked like this at the Airpark at Plant 42 in Palmdale CA


Lockheed YF-117A 79-10783,


Lockheed U-2D, 56-6721 was built with a second seat in place of the instrument bay behind the cockpit.


Mach 3+ D-21 drones were designed to be launched from the Lockheed M-21. After the loss of an M-21 during the launch of a D-21, the D-21s were launched from Boeing B-52H Stratofortresses using solid fuel rocket boosters.



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One More

A-12 Blackbird tail number 927 on display at the California Science Center. This aircraft was held in storage at Air Force Plant #42 for many years and was one of the last Blackbirds to be released to a museum. This was the only dual control version of the A-12 that was built. Since the A-12 was a single seat aircraft, a second cockpit was grafted into the aircraft to add the second set of controls.



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SR-71s at the Edwards AFB Museum and the Dryden NASA museum. we have AWESOME museums...unfortunately or fortunately for me, no one outside the installations ever see them.


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I may not be an aeronautical engineer with a masters degree but to me the more I look at that Iranian looks more and more like some scaled resin model they pushed out to show the world that we have technology too besides training terrorists and hating the West.

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The worlds first stealth fighter?..the Horten 229. Very interesting concept and lucky for the Allies those damn nazi's ran out of time in it's development.


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Yeah, he did have one thing... weapons of all sort. From full auto to tanks that where built underground on assembly lines. Crazy basterd:ROFLJest:

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