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Hey guys. We're running a WF special discount for the month of November on Glock grip reductions and action/trigger jobs. We normally run a package deal for $325. That includes the grip reduction and stippling($200), action and trigger work($75), and a duracoat job($50). A duracoat job for a handgun is normally $100. For this month, we'll do the package for $275... giving you the duracoat for free.

When we do the reduction on the frame, we remove material from key locations so that it fits your hand better. It takes away that "blocky" Glock feel that you're used to. We can apply the stippling(or not) wherever you want... trigger, bottom or front of trigger guard, the side of the frame where you rest your finger, etc.

For the action/trigger work, we hand hone and polish every friction point in the weapon giving you a much smoother action and trigger pull.

The duracoat can be just the slide, just the frame, or both if you want 2 tone. Patterns or anything crazy will be extra, but we can work with you if you're interested.

Attached are pictures of some we have done in the past. The last pic is of a G24 that's in the works. Waiting on a threaded, extended barrel to come in and then we'll fabricate a compensator for it. Should be pretty sick:)
Also, check out the Glock section of our website for pics and more info

Feel free to hit me up with any questions



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