MORE tax dollars whizzed away - MN gun buyback FLOPS

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Minnesota gun buyback program a dud, some legal owners say

A Minneapolis gun buyback program targeting weapons used in street crimes may be shooting blanks, as detractors said a Saturday collection mostly took in antiquated, unused or homemade arms from legal owners and did little to thin the firearm supply actually available to dangerous criminals.

Two Minneapolis locations collected about 150 firearms Saturday, but both exchanges were forced to shut down several hours early when officials ran out of Visa gift cards – $25,000 worth, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported...Minnesota gun buyback program a dud, some legal owners say | Fox News
One of the... "guns"... which got the maker a $100, which he planned to spend on - a new gun! :favorites37:



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Knives will be next then pitch forks ,any thing we can use as self defense. He who beats his sword into a plow will be subject to he who does not. Hillary for prison !!!!!!

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