Iwo Jima


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Trying to lie with a straight face. Comander and thief. not worthy of spell check.

Exactly what he was doing. Lying and making shit up as he went along. Trying to think of what they wanted they wanted to hear.

Yeah, I didn't use Spell Check for NothinYahoo either. Who cares how he spells his name. I can understand why, but if noone else has noticed, alot of other countries who are normally our buddies, shy away from Ovomit big time. I think he's not only jacked up our economy, but he's also hurt our foreign policy IMO as far as peace negotiations. Those countries are like us, holding our breath til he is termed out of office. All I can say, The Elephants better bring something good to the table in 2016 or we might end up with Hillary/Michelle. Although, I'd have rather have Hillary than Obama if that was my only 2 choices but not with Michelle. I'm sure that's just some Comical Hype anyway.


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I just read in one of my emails that he quoted Saul Sylinski to the kids at the college in Israel. What a scum bag. Pushing communism on the Jews like he is us.

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Hail to the chief spoken in Chinese...



The other thing that was impressive to watch is what we called the Elephant Walk. B-52's and their support aircraft doing an alert take off

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A hero indeed... I have so much respect for past,current,and future warriors of our nation. Ya never know who you will meet that may make a muge impact on your life.

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