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Hey Weapons Forum Members
Thanks to you folks for your business, we have been getting a lot of positive response from the forum. With this Ivory ban looming on the horizon, we are extremely busy filling customers orders. I just got off the phone with a customer that had sent in her Dads SAA for custom ivory grips and action work…….what a great Fathers Day he's gonna have !

With all the negative press guns get, I'd like to hear stories like this. This gentleman and his daughter have been shooting together for years, and now she is grown up enough to recognize the sacrifices that her father made as she grew up. She said "he always wanted to spruce up his six shooter, but the money went to things like braces and college, so this is a great way to honor him on fathers day".

I hope all of us on the forum recognize the need to be positive and encourage others to promote safe, responsible use of firearms, and get young people involved.

Thanks Again


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Safety is the first second and third rule of firearms. At least that is what the Military kept trying to drill into my head.

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