If you still live in CA . . . why?

Reason to Stay . . .

  • Great Weather/Lifestyle outweighs Compliancy Requirements.

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  • I don't live in CA.

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  • Other Reason.

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  • If I could get the parts to be compliant, I would stay in CA.

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Many people have been long heading to the western promised land. Flowing with bikinis and great weather, surf and movie stars. But the 2nd Amendment supporters who live in California have to play by so many rules, why move to CA at all?. New legislation every 6 months, with no real understanding, especially from the DOJ. What are Californians to do? At least those who want to be compliant, upstanding, honest criminals...(I mean citizens.) What can you do about it?

Should we pack our bags and move to another gun friendly state? What about Colorado or Arizona? Maybe Texas? Many have made that choice. Many still have not. Can we regain CA for the red-blooded, law abiding citizens and still have our guns? Is it political? Is it government? What is the answer and why?

What do you say? Leave your comment and let's chat about it.


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It's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. Did a week in L.A. and the Hollywood thing. May go back someday and do Disneyland. Too many wacko's. Jerry Brown and crew doing ridiculous laws. Too crowded. I'll stick with the East coast.


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For most, I would imagine it is because they don't want to leave their families or the uncertainty of such a big move and a new career. There are some nice things about the state but IMO, they are outweighed by the atrocious politics. I couldn't live there.

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