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Sorry, but I am having a very difficult time browsing your site. I see that there are so many options and I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I was wondering if it's possible to browse your holsters by the model of gun.

I am looking for a IWB holster for a Beretta 92A1 and Sig Sauer P250 Compact Gen 2.

I also can't tell the difference between many of the holsters.

This will be my first IWB holster so I am sorry if I don't seem knowledgeable about them. Advice is appreciated!


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Find a holster that interests you, then click on it. Scroll down and you will see a "fits these models" list. As a long time High Noon user, I highly recommend the Down Under, either with straps or J hook, both are outstanding.

As for your question on specific models, I looked for these two and yes, it is listed as fitting the SiG P-250 Compact, but not the 92A1, just the 92 Compact.

For the Beretta, I'd seriously consider this one,
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Thanks guys. I decided on a holster for the Beretta that is a Beretta licensed product so I think I'm gonna go with that one.

I'll keep looking for the Sig. I appreciate the suggestions as well

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