Glock 43


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I'm not a fan of grip safeties so the XDS didn't make my short list.

Like the Ruger LC9C, the XDS didn't pass the fitting stage for me, The XDS grip seems too square and the Ruger grip is too narrow.
I guess the Shield is the goldilocks gun for my CCW needs.


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I bought one awhile back via the blue label program. I really like it. Have been carrying it in a Keyhole Holsters Nano Rapid On-Off hybrid holster. Very comfortable to carry, shoots great, I'm happy.

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Still carrying my 27 with belt clip. 11 rounds and spare g22 mag on my belt with 16 rds.

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FWIW, our 4WD Club just got a Glock 43 for our next gun raffle. :favorites37:

As soon as we get the tickets printed (and the details posted to our website/FAZEbook page), I'll post details if you want a ticket or twelve!

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