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How about a gear section? Somewhere we can talk about all kinds of different gear. Flashlights, multi-tools, boots, shooting gloves, vests, bulletproof gear, etc. I have a feeling many of the members here would be interested in talking about that type of stuff as well. I realize this is off - topic as these aren't weapons, but I think the 2 subjects are closely related enough that it would be beneficial.

If it already exists and I missed it, please point me in the right direction.

Members, how does this type of section sound? A place you can look for reviews or ask suggestions or just talk about stuff in general. If it sound good, please post up so the admins can gauge the response or not.


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We do have the Accessories Main Category. So you're talking about Sub-Category or Child Forum under the Accessory Main Cat.

We do have have Optics, Mounts, Attachments etc. in there already which I'd imagine could be things like Bipods, Muzzle Breaks as etc since they attach to the weapoon. But you're right, we could more specific.

As slow as it's been here lately, we need something to talk about. If it happens though, be sure to put some threads in it. Shaggy is right about one thing, he don't like empty categories. Makes the place look dead and no traffic. That's not good for promoting the sight.

hmmmm, most shooters are outdoorsmen/women. Maybe even 2 Sub Cats, Range Gear cat for things like range bags, gloves, ear protection, goggles, bench rests, targets and gongs etc.
Sporting Gear , Outdoor Gear or whatever creative title can be come up with for everything else that outdoorsmen do for the boots, multi-tools, flashlights, tents, fishing poles, bug repellants etc. :shrug: Something to fill the sight without it getting to far off topic of being a Weapons Forum, but you're right most shooters and gun enthusiests are involved in many other outdoor hobbies.


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I mostly thought of this because I have a few flashlight reviews I can post. Maybe I'll put them in the accessories section, then when we get enough for a dedicated sub section, we can create them and move the threads.

How's that sound? I can definitely see not wanting empty sections.


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That's not a bad idea. We can alway's transplant threads and move them around.

yes, I'm paying attention, just let me know

Alright that's what I think I'll do. I'll post up some current flashlight reviews, and anything else I can think of. Then when y'all think there is enough stuff that the section won't look empty, you can create it and move anything relevant.

I know there has to be some gadget type of guys on here.

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