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The stupid is strong with this one.

Yes, another opinion fueled by emotion. She didn't think hard enough to realize there are many, many guns in, on and around the White House. It is far from a gun free zone. And that's what keeps people from trying to go in and kill anybody.

I may have mentioned elsewhere that I think they need to replace the school resource officers with vetted (mental evaluation) combat veterans. Let them patrol the schools with their AR slung over their shoulder.

1. What a deterrent that would be to anyone even thinking about a school shooting.
2. They would have combat experience and know how to handle the situation.
3. It would be putting a vet to work.
4. This would keep guns out of teachers/classrooms and not require any additional training to school staff.

Can anyone think of a negative to this idea?


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Teens are too busy eating detergent pods or snorting condoms or whatever the next stupid challenge is. It's just incredible to what levels society has sunk. Just when you think it can't get any lower, someone comes along and proves you wrong.

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