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After seeing the first sale on this forum reminds me of other forums run by you guys, should the sale area be off limits to stop ins until so many posts or time on forum to protect members from scammers? This would be the dummest place to scam someone but it will happen. :Grenade: :greenchainsaw::shooter:


I understand....

All one really needs to do is look at there Join date and the number of posts they have. That will tell you how new they are and I could ho up 50 posts in about 3 minutes. I know based on the laws in my state (or at least the way I understand them), I have to either buy from someone in state or use an FFL to get the gun to my state. Some simple questions would let me know what the seller knows and doesn't know about buying and selling weapons.

Common Sense really does rule on any forum you are on. You either trust the guy without question or.... you don't.

Would I buy off a forum, car part, truck part, gun or gun parts, probably not. However, if Tactical Advantage had a laser sight for sale because he is in the same location as me, I would probably be interested and try to swing a deal. For the same gear and the guy lives two states away, I wouldn't even give it a thought.

We can put as much criteria as we want to prevent scams, people will still fall prey to these idiots, I see it happen on the truck forums


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Was a victim on a truck forum, never again.

And I think Jeff could do a lot more than 50 in 3 minutes.............


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I have used Guns America and a local FFL. to get a gun. Pay Pal will (unless changed) not do any firearm product. So they can go F.T.


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Common sense will go a long way to help protect yourself. I've bought and sold probably 30k worth of truck parts on another site and not once have I been scammed. With that being said I still feel maybe 50 post and being a member for 6 months wouldn't hurt. I know a few forums are also making the seller post a pic of the item with their screen name and a date.

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