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Can my DIY stun gun do any serious harm to a person?

I have 1 million volt 1 amp stun gun.
It has 2 sharp 1.5 cm apart probes that can be stubbed in a person's flesh.
If it is used on a person for 10 seconds can it do any serious harm to them?
Can it cause death or can it knock them out?
I'm worried about that because I read that stun gun used by police delivers much less then 1 amp.
And I'm interested in 10 seconds time because my stun gun can't work longer than 10 seconds.
I know that just a touch by a stun gun can cause pain and burn but what could happen if my stun gun is used for full 10 seconds?


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Try it on yourself and see !

But set up a video camera before you do it and tape yourself. And then you must share it here.

Seriously though, even police taser/stun guns have been know to stop a persons heart. They may have had heath problems all along but it has happened. I would check and see if there is a limit to stun gun power and see if you would be liable for some ones injury if you had to use it.
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