Best self defense knife


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I am just now getting interested in buying a self defense knife. Any suggestions on what to consider? Price range less than $200.


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Not to be an ass, but you need a $200 self defense knife bud? I mean for a few bucks more you can get another decent self defense PISTOL :shrug:


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Treat a knife just like a firearm in that any knife that fits well in your hand and you are comfortable using is a good one. Don't just go looking for the tactical/defensive/end all knife and get something that YOU like. I carry a Kershaw everyday.


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Quick into action and strong blade.Slice and dice or remove limbs it is in want. I like my USMC K bar,I carry a kershaw assisted opener.It will break on really rough treatment. All in what you plan to use it for. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.Bamn box openers killed 3000 at WTS.


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Klein knife myself. 2 3/4" Tanto blade

course, much like my sidearm, mine wont be listed as less than lethal...
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SpyderCo Tim Wegner partially serrated linerlock folder-nice heft to it and flips open easily. Bought 3 on Ebay for $55-67 each when they were disco'd. Now they're fetching top dollar again.


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I looked at the Spyderco knifes on many models to choose from.
Not sure which ones are better than others.

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