America’s Founders Didn’t Intend Weak Weapons


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Democrat-proposed S. 2095 Is Infringement

Using media-fueled atrocities to attack America’s right to arms,
and the very arms the public can bear–that’s the atrocity.
The dialog in the right-to-arms debate is being distorted by the political left with loud voices and a false argument. In this sovereign nation the public is supposed to be armed in a powerful way that balances power the nation’s government can exert. The Second Amendment is about balance of power. That balance has kept America free by retaining armed force in public hands. It’s why people struggle so hard to get here–for the liberty. Denial of serious firearms is infringement by definition.

Our arms have literally prevented the genocides and elite takeovers so many other world sites have suffered–when power accumulated in government hands, which the left is perennially attempting to achieve. The left’s use of media-promoted school massacres to achieve this evil end is a disgrace beyond words.

The hue and cry for abolishing the AR-15–America’s Rifle–the very firearm even our police prefer, shows a marked misunderstanding of where real threats lie, and how firearms affect society: the link between firearms and freedom. Gun bans don’t begin to address why children today are willing to murder classmates or strangers–that’s the real (and ignored) problem media suppresses. You don’t have to be Jewish to join JPFO, you just have to love liberty. We speak truth to power.

America's Founders Didn't Intend Weak Weapons
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I was talking to a guy today that feels "We" should have access (able to purchase) anything the government has in their arsenal. I guess if you can afford a modern tank or Apache helicopter it should be yours. Anyone want an aircraft carrier? I get what he's saying but who has that type of expendable cash lying around?

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