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    New from North Carolina

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    The Shooting Club App

    Anyone else using it Seems like a cool idea and a way to have fun with us all in different locations and competing with real guns and real bullets
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    Damn I love my "Red Dot"

    Had another good day of shooting, getting closer to getting it zero'd in. My daughter was killing clay pigeons like crazy and even my son had a great time with the red dot..... glad I got it
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    5.56 or 300blk

    Thinking about an AR, pros and cons of 5.56 and 300blk
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    a non-lethal option for when officers are met with lethal force
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    Forged in Fire

    Anyone other than me watch this Makes me want to learn how to be a blacksmith
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    When you know things are looking up

    Idaho becomes the first to secede from the USA
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    Ted Cruz..... On Guns
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    Moving and Changing Jobs

    Wish me luck, headed to Idaho :chewie:
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    ATF shelves controversial bullet ban proposal

    Bout fricken time ATF shelves controversial bullet ban proposal | Fox News :shooter:
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    Low Information Voters

    How about a low information President.....:Plugged: Obama on Clinton emails, IRS, VA, Fast and Furious: I heard about it on the news | Fox News I swear, if I hear one more time that he found out from reading the news, I'm going to scream.....again!!
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    OK, now I want to learn archery
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    Veterans Day - Thank You

    To all those that Served and Serving Now! Thank You Jeff
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    Guns Saves Lives-Map has a really awesome map that you should know about | Concealed Nation