Versacarry Recruit Holster


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I’ve been wanting a leather holster for sometime now for my two Kimber 1911s. I saw the water buffalo hide holsters from Versacarry through a FB ad and finally bought one.

I gotta say I’m pretty impressed with the holster. I think it’s very attractive and it holds the weapon well. Time will tell how the retention holds up over time.




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Nice looking holster. I'm partial to the single clip on style IWB holster. When I want to grab one and go I don't want to take the time to thread it on my belt. Just clip it and go. But that is a handsome holster.


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Is it retention by friction?

I believe it is. In the third photo you can see the screw that can be adjusted to retain the trigger guard. I think there is a rubber washer in there that holds the leather apart. The more you tighten down on the screw, the tighter it holds the trigger guard.


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This is the style I prefer. The leather is actually molded so that it indents with the trigger guard. I've never had a concern of my weapon leaving the holster unless I intend for it to.

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