Traded an AR and a pile of cash for this.

Rusty Shackleford

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Just a quick update, have roughly 1000 rounds through it so far. Not a single issue with shooting commercial and reloaded brass, I believe it would handle steel as well but I'm reluctant to do that to such an expensive rifle. I intend to buy an extended Rail (Midwest most likely) to get my hand a little farther out there and away from the charging handle.

Speaking of the charging handle, it is one area that FN could certainly improve on. The biggest issue is that it is is not difficult to get bit by it if you bring your hand back to far on the hand guard. If you intend to use an optic you are also pretty well forced to buy an after market angled handle or you will hit your knuckles while charging the weapon.

Really that's my only bitch though, I still overall love the rifle and I'm now saving for a 17 :naughty: .

Rusty Shackleford

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Still have the rifle and still really enjoy shooting it, made some changes and replaced the ACOG with a 1-6X VCOG. I also recently addressed my dislike for the OEM Stock by replacing it with an ACR stock.



Next up for it is a KDG extended hand guard.

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