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Folks, am looking to buy a GP100 in 22LR (already have 2 in .357 Magnum)
But I am new to plinking ammo.

The intent is to have cheap training for myself and the young uns but also somehting that could be useful years after SHTF as a hunting tool.

Since I plan to use them in a revolver I dont worry of any rounds being "too hot".

So I ask this:
Whats a good above average hitting 22LR thats still cheap?
I found Remington TB22B 22 LR 40 GR. Thunderbolt Round for only 2.4 cents each.

Is this round really "high velocity" like the package says?
It seems every box of 22LR says "high velocity" on it...

What would you guys suggest in a 22LR round thats affordable, but still reliable and still hotter than average so I can take full advantage of a revolver platform?
Basically the hottest 22LR that's still cheap and reasonably reliable?

I will follow the groups recommendation and will likely buy 20k
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PS: Longevity in storage is also a consideration.. Dosnt have to be any round famous for that (if such a thing exists) but I'd like to avoid a brand thats know for not storing well too.

So basically in this order:
- Hotness + price equally important
- then reliability
- then storability
- then accuracy


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Have you considered .22Mag? Some revolvers have interchangeable cylinders to switch back and forth between .22 and .22Mag.

I think longevity has a lot to do about where it is stored. In a cool dry location it should last about forever.

I've got all mine in sealed ammo cans stored in the climate controlled house.
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As far as hot rounds, I would look at the CCI Velocitor (40 grain) or Aguila Supermax (30 grain). I wouldn't want to buy either in bulk though when the "cheap stuff" is so much cheaper. I wouldn't personally worry too much about the difference in performance of 22 LR. I would just use whatever hp I practiced with. For any 22 LR sized game, I just don't see it making much difference. A POI shift, on the other hand, certainly could on small game.

Personally, when I hunt small game with a 22 rifle, I always use subsonic loads because they are very accurate in my rifle and relatively quiet. They work just fine.

If you need more than that, I would just use something bigger. Non expanding handgun bullets at modest velocity do very little damage to meat. I have shot cottontails with Colt rounds out of my Casull that literally just punched a 45 caliber hole you could eat right up to.
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Yes with some 9mm getting down to 13 cents a round.. I dont think I will buy CCI minimags which seems ot be 8 cents a round..

Even the most economy 9mm round will still be SO MUCH more than any 22LR
Thanks for the answers fellas! :)

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