Ruger SR1911 Commander


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Back in August my Dad surprised me by giving me a present, a Ruger SR1911 Commander. I was completely shocked and super excited. Even more so after taking it out shooting! I have taken it to the range three times and am in love. So far the only thing I have added is an extra magazine, a Wilson 7 round with a bumper. The factory mags have been 100% so far but I'll trust the Wilson for carry.


Rusty Shackleford

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I had one, you are getting a lot of gun for the money going with the Ruger....I ended up trading it as I'm just not that into 1911s but the Ruger is a well executed one.


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Great present!

the SR1911 (5") is on my short list of guns to buy. In fact it's #1. It's so close I can taste it. Glad you like yours. All the reviews seem overwhelmingly positive.


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Ok this may be a nOOb question, but I have seen this a lot and have no idea what it means. What is +p?


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Thanks everyone. I am tempted to save up and get some stag grips for it. Every time I watch Longmire the temptation gets worse. :gr_grin: Darn things are expensive but I love the looks on a stainless 1911.

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