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Maybe we could have a reputation system? Lets say if someone answers a question you might have you can rep them. Or maybe they just say something funny to makes the day go by easier. Whatever the reason it would be cool to have something. Anyone else think this also?


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I don't really care for rep systems, but how about like buttons. Not really rep that gets displayed next to your posts, but likes like I've on FRF.


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I feel like people put too much trust in rep. I think they start trusting some more than others based off rep, when an individual could be extremely knowledgeable on that particular subject


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I installed the Rep system at GMSB, even though Shagster doesn't care for it, and for good reason. It turns into a pissing match, and people getting reps for saying something funny, not helpful, or buddies running each other's reps up just because. Then you get the anonymous negatives cuz someone doesn't like the color of their truck, or in this case, the sling on their gun. Used properly, the rep system is awesome, but it depends to much on all the members to use it correctly. You'll always have a few pricks that screw it up for everyone. We do it, I laid down some rules and settings so it would work well, and with the good group of guys we have there, it's been working well for 6 months. I do check in on who is leaving who reps and why. So far everyone is sticking to the plan and I haven't had to modify a rep comment yet. One of the rules I did suggest, is NO NEGATIVES. It's not about running someone down, it's about patting a guy on the back for a job well done, or some good input to the forum, and we've not gotten 1 negative comment even though the system doesn't allow shutting off Negatives.
Personally, if this version of VBulletin supports the Like button and doesn't cost The Shagster any additional grief, I think it's more of a system I'd prefer over the rep system.

That's just my .02 if it matters. OK, so maybe it was a dime !!!


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Shaggy will install VBSEO for sure and the Likes system comes along with it. I volunteer to harass him about it.

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Rep systems can be abused but I don't see it being as much of a issue here. Being that we're all responsible gun owners. I'm cool with the like system though


The "Like" system will be installed, just don't know the date

I know we are approaching the "Like Cliff" on Jan 31, 2013, I'm hopeful

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