Pentagon demands soldiers repay enlistment bonuses from 10 years ago


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The people doing the reup's are the criminals here, not the soldiers that went back to fight for their nation. This is disgusting.

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Thanks to 8 years of OBAMANOMICS, there's now a ready supply of people POOR enough, who will be GLAD to go and fight the empire's next war for MERE room and board!

Expect the G.I. Bill to be rescinded shortly...


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They should go after HRC for the 6 Billion she lost and has no idea where it went. But no, they go after the little guy. The very people who should be paid like athletes for what they do.
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I'm stilling trying to figure out how Kalifornia can void a contract because Kalifornia was stupid. I know if I sign a bad contract, I'm still subject to it


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I heard this on the radio today. The government must have heard the outcry from citizens concerning this. Because they wouldn't have suspended this on their own accord.

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