Obama's latest disgusting speach


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I have to puke. My uncle was Marine sitting on a ship ready to land in Japan, the bomb stopped it. This president does not speak for me.

The War Wagon

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I SHOOK HANDS with Maj. Ferebee, the bombardier of the Enola Gay (my Granddaddy Mac was his insurance agent!); he had NO REGRETS - even to the end of his life - about dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Saved at LEAST a hundred thousand American lives by doing so, he said.

Sit & spin, Der Kommissar Obamassar!


Barack's Apology Circus...




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I won't listen to anything it says. If he comes on the news, I mute the TV as quickly as I can. I'm certainly not going to subject myself to him by watching a video.

1. Can't stand his voice or speech tempo. It's a mixture of cat fight/chalk board fingernail type sound to me.
2. Most every word out of his mouth is a lie or just telling you what he thinks you want to hear and usually in a very condescending manner.
3. Hillary is just a white - female (still up for debate) version of him.

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