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I would like to see a new section/subject area on this forum. It could be called survival or prepper section, and the discussion would center around how to prepare for or survive different situations. It could cover everything from water storage to to food preparation. Of course guns would be a major part of the discussion. What do you think? :waytogo:


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I don't think any of us are going to survive ostupid!!!!!! 4 more years

Things are going to get worse before they get better. Just how worse nobody knows. I heard today that Obummer has basically doubled his tax increases from what he was campaigning on. I think he's up to 1.6 Trillion now. And there's been no mention of spending cuts. Also proposing to eliminate the debt ceiling so that they don't have to go through congress to get it raised. It would basically be unlimited. Somebody get control of this guy. He's got to know this can't work but he keeps pushing onward.

I honestly believe he is trying to destroy this country. I don't think it's just stupidity anymore but actually his plan. Spend the country into bankruptcy while taking every last dime from it's people. All indicators point in that direction. If you're smart, you are stocking upon everything.
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