NC GOP Headquarters Firebombed

The War Wagon

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That's what you GET for letting those damn yankess all start moving in 30 years ago.

That's what I told my friends in KY 15 years ago - you better hope New JOISEY bankers never discover your state - they'll infiltrate it, and ruin it, TOO! :flame:


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They also closed all GOP offices at dusk in NC.

And they roll up the sidewalks. I live in what many would consider a little Podunk town and I like it that way. We are friendly, wave, hold the door, say good morning to one another. Most of the kids have manners. When you walk into a store they say "How can we help you"? Just a little South of us is Durham, NC. You walk into a fast food joint down there and they ignore you or say "Whut do U want"? Totally different attitude.

I'll stay in my little town. Don't ever want to live where they have to have a traffic report on the radio. Way too much congestion for me.


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Race relations are the best they have been in years ? That is because of wealth redistribution. Most on here will not see it as a + but a - .

The War Wagon

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Hah! Me too. My office is my work truck which is usually in the shop about 40' behind the house. But then I have to drive all over creation to do repairs and installations etc.

I hafta drive around SOME days, to meet clients. I put about 6,500 miles a year on the Jeep, so it's not so bad.

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