Mosin Nagant, Mauser & Arisaka


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I recently purchased one Russian rifle. Seems to shoot ok. Surplus ammo not too costly.
The rifle I bought was dated 1938. For $130. I thought I needed it. Goes along with my Arisaka Japanese rifle, never fired the Arisaka yet, never looked for ammo or recall what it takes.
Can anyone reccomend some Arisaka ammo?
And I have a Mauser with a missing bolt. GEW 1888 commission rifle.
I'll be only using the Mauser as a wall hanger, anyone have an extra bolt?


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Which Arisaka is it?

The early models fire the 6.5x51mm cartridge while the later Type 99s fire the larger 7.7x58mm cartridge. Both cartridges are available with a little searching, the 7.7 being more available than the 6.5.

Either way it's a good idea to have the rifle checked out by a competent gunsmith before firing it.

Good Luck and post some pics please


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I have not yet figured out what type of Arisaka it is.
Can some one here help ID it?
I recently bought it from a co-worker, who did not know what it was, had belonged to his father.


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I had a 7.7 jap years ago, great shooter. It had been sportarized.

If I remember correctly Hornady makes special runs of 7.7 & 6.5 and Grafs & Sons used to stock it.


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Hard to tell from the pics which rifle it is. The two are pretty similar in appearance, as the Type 99 is basically just a re-chambered version of the earlier Meiji(sp?) Year 38 rifle.
Wish I could be more help.

If you have a good gunsmith in town or an upcoming gunshow, take it there and ask some of the surplus guys about it.
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Found some information on translating the Arisaka markings.
type 38
Nagoya Arsenal
series 27


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