HotRodPC is in the house.


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From the ground up. With a little help from all of the other forums I own. :favorites37:

You made a wise choice with this one. Weapons, or at least Guns and Hunting seem to be a common denominator at all your Auto Forums in the Off-Topic Section.

I posted up on GMSB about this new place too.


Exactly right Fuzz !!! I've been called a hipocritt by many and so what. I've got a gun vault over full of guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Assualt Rifles, Rimfires, Revolver's and ACP's. No Black Powder though.. YET.

And I'm sure it'll be an unpopular stand here too, but I've never been one to keep most of my opinions to myself. I'm not a member of the NRA, and I'm not a fan of the NRA. I think they are finatics and go overboard with pro gun and anti gun control and put alot of fear into gun owners which in turns also raises prices on Firearms and Ammo.

I may not agree with everything the NRA does, but one good thing they do well is keep the idiots like the Brady Campaign at bay. If the Brady Campaign had there way, we would all be victims and the Brady Campaign would be happy.


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Hey, I didn't say I approved. I wasn't here when he did it. Jeff is the Admin that allowed it to happen. He should be the one to clean it up. :rofl:

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