Whats the best tactical manual about weapons used in the army?


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I'm looking for a manual/book to get me started on firearms/assault rifles/submachine guns, etc... and what are the pros/cons of each one, in which situations are they used, and tactical information about kinds of ammunition.

Im not looking for something specific, just an introduction to the types of weapons most used in armies. A manual with a more tactical approach would be the best. Something like a U.S. Army manual, perhaps?


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There are many Army manuals available at Global security . org
You may have to subscribe not sure.

Manuals about the operation and maintenance of specific firearms are called TMs ( Technical Manuals)
The basic Army Infantry manuals are also there for the download.

Ypu cna also get some of them off the army pubs website:
https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_a/pdf/web/ATP 3-21x8 FINAL WEB INCL C1.pdf

Even though it is not an official Army publication I think for a non Infantryman to learn tactics, this manual is one of the best:

Here is an all around book by the same author.. not strictly as a manual ( which often presupposes some knowledge) but designed for civilians to learn from the ground up:

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