Had some fun assembling a new AR (to me) today


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So today I bought a Sig516 upper.
For those who dont know these are pretty high end with cold hammer forged barrels and adjustable gas piston system.
This one was in FDE which I like since I want to avoid the "Black stick" look many AR15s have.. those attract the human eye and as long as you use subdued colors its good to mix them into your rifle.

I got a super deal on the upper.
As it was I had a spare lower lying around and found a nicer stock to put on that lower.
Aaaand I had a spare EOtech lying around :D

Also added a RedX firing pin (with exteneded tip) to handle even the hardest primers.

Only thing left to do is a upgraded trigger group..
I have an economy trigger upgrade that I found in my parts pin and will put it in soon.
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Oh before I forget.. I even found an upgraded extended latch charging handle in my parts bin :D

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