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SOLD- Ruger Red Label

I am selling my Ruger Red Label.
This shotgun has been babied since I bought it new about 7 years ago. I only used it for sporting clays and no longer shoot much. My best estimate is that it has 700-1000 rounds through it. It is in excellent condition.

12 ga. 3" chambers, 26" barrels.
Includes 5 choke tubes; Full, Mod, Imp Cyl, Skeet(x2) and choke wrench.

Asking $1000 plus shipping/transfer costs.
USPS Money Order preferred.




More photos on request from interested buyers.
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Pigeons won. Nice gun.

Hehe, actually I was getting fairly good. Nothing to brag about, but I was hitting probably 7-8 out of 10. I just grew tired of driving an hour to the range and the closest place is waayy too expensive for a small town boy trying to make ends meet.
I use my old trusty 870 for field work, so the Ruger hasn't even been fired in about 2 years.

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